003. video
;; it's just corn syrup
[For a few seconds, all that can be heard is the screaming of a small animal, a soft laugh, and the scuffle of quick feet scrabbling for a hold. The screen is dark, the communicator has been lain to rest for the moment. The screaming has stopped, replaced instead by quick, desperate pants. A rat is dangled in front of the screen by it's tail, body split open and broken, beady eyes wide and maddened.]

Out by sixteen or dead on the scene. [She swings the poor beast a bit. It's tail comes off, the body flails and lands with a wet thump. Ginger stands, moving into the view of the camera. She looks awful. Her nails are long and yellowed, blackened at the edges. Her back split and bleeding - a thin white fuzz seems to have broken out across her neck. Her hair is streaked with white ] But together forever.

I missed everyone. [Her back is still to the camera as she leans down and pulls the rat off the ground. A wet squelch and a crunch. She wanders back, dropping down in front of the device, leaning down. Her mouth is covered with blood, a smile revealing teeth dagger-like and red.]

I don't like to be left alone.

[ooc; due to the rush of school and my failure to post lately, it can be assumed that Ginger's been spending a lot of time in the forest and was there when she was nabbed.]

;; boys only want one thing
[locked to harry]

Harry, go get me some razors.


Is this another calm before the storm, or can I finally fucking relax?

;; go suck a railroad spike
locked to selfCollapse )

... I forgot all about this thing.

It's a little to late to ask questions or wonder where people are, so I'll just... introduce myself, I guess. I'm Ginger. I live with the blonde brat and Potter.


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